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grouped charts, link scrolling, set cursor pointer
 Post subject: grouped charts, link scrolling, set cursor pointer Post rating: 0   New post Posted: Wed 23 Nov, 2022, 12:12 

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After today's update (4.032), my grouped charts started acting strange. If i select set cursor pointer on chart 1, it is selected on all visible grouped chart. I have 3 different charts on display at all times, so this means if i select set cursor pointer on chart 1, it is also selected on other two charts. Also i have link scrolling disabled but somehow it gets enabled. Really annoying, when the lower tf charts move because i move cursor on higher tf chart.

Everything was working fine until today.

@edit} I just realised the cursor part is a new feature not a bug. I think it's a mistake to force this on all users. We had similar capability before this update but it was user friendly (just turn on link scroolling/cursor pointer), you could choose on which grouped chart you will use this capability, now it's automatic on all grouped charts. Why is that good is beyond me. Now, the low TF chart is moving if i want to use cursor pointer on high TF chart without me wanting this.

At least make this "improved" cursor pointer user friendly, which means one can turn on/off this feature and use it as before this update.


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