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Author:  ftasso [ Thu 30 Sep, 2021, 12:25 ]
Post subject:  leverage API

I made some test about leverage API using ITesterClient and I'm just a bit confused.
I try to resume:
- Account.getLeverage() and Account.getOverWeekEndLeverage() return simply the account standard conditions and not the specific leverage for an Instrument;
- Instrument.getLeverageUse() return the correct leverage applied for the specific Instrument (for example 100 for EURUSD and 10 for EURTRY) but NOT the OverWeekEndLeverage. The result of Instrument.getLeverageUse() before or after "friday 18:00 GMT" give always the weekly leverage;
- I didn't found any API that give me the status of leverage: normal/OverWeekEndLeverage.

Feature requests:
- implement a correct version of Instrument.getLeverageUse() that return the current leverage condition and not only the standard leverage condition;
- implement in the object Instrument a new API to know the status of leverage: normal/OverWeekEndLeverage;
- make deprecated the following API: Account.getLeverage() and Account.getOverWeekEndLeverage().

Thank you,

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