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2% Stop Loss cash management loss of points work around
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Author:  Strategyrunner [ Fri 30 Oct, 2015, 05:17 ]
Post subject:  2% Stop Loss cash management loss of points work around

If I buy currency A with the expectation that, it is stronger than currency B and will go up. My technical analysis based upon vitality momentum and expected duration of the trade permit me to buy x number of lots based upon a maximum stop loss calculated at 2%. To give myself some headroom I buy 75% of x. An unexpected fundamental release causes an upward spike value in B. I concentrate on a 2-minute chart and verify a decreasing level of downward momentum in A. I am convinced that a retrace is imminent however; B could take me to out. I do not want to take a loss on the spread by repurchasing my A positions. Can I use the margin control feature by selling a number of A lots at market to reduce my exposure temporarily and then repurchase my A lots at an appropriate level without affecting my points.

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