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EmStori Automated Trading System, 12 Years Profitable!
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Author:  pipx [ Mon 08 Nov, 2021, 17:10 ]
Post subject:  EmStori Automated Trading System, 12 Years Profitable!

EmStori is a fully automated stable long-term EURUSD trading strategy. It is guaranteed to NEVER blow your account as it loses only the percentage of the balance you allocate it and also protects the balance with a drawdown limit feature.

The risk is only 1% of the balance if the stop-loss is hit, 2% when using the recovery algorithm, and 0.25% when volumes are low towards the end of the year.

12 year backtest and various stability tests show the reliability of the strategy and its ability to work under any market conditions.

Monthly Performance Over 12 Years

Monte Carlo Simulation

What-IF Analysis

Historical Tester Video



EA equity: This is the money that the system will trade from, not your real equity. It cannot be greater than account equity.

Risk on stoploss%: How much the EA will lose when a trade is stopped out. The lot size is determined by the distance to the stop loss relative to the EA equity. Example Equity is 10000, the risk is 1% when the stop is hit, the loss will be 100.

Recovery risk%: Maximum risk should a trade be stopped out when the recovery algorithm is running. Once recovered, the risk is set back to the above.

Profit to re-invest%: Once the system is profitable by the percentage set on “Equity reset”, the new “EA equity” will be incremented by this value.

Equity reset: Recalculate new “EA equity” once equity grows to set percentage.

Recovery @ drawdown: Start recovery algorithm once the equity drops by %.

Max equity drawdown: Equity protection to stop trading once drawdown is reached.

Lower risk 4th quarter of year: Markets start slowing and moving sideways during the last quarter, it's best to lower risk or stop trading.

The attached file will only run in the tester. If you would like to purchase the full system contact me via the email provided when you try and run it on a demo or live account.
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