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 Post subject: PRINT Post rating: 0   New post Posted: Mon 06 Apr, 2020, 14:36 

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How can I convert this line , so the text can be printed on the CHART instead of Messages

print("print me on the chart pls");


 Post subject: Re: PRINT Post rating: 0   New post Posted: Tue 07 Apr, 2020, 01:34 

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import java.awt.*;
import java.util.*;

import com.dukascopy.api.*;
import com.dukascopy.api.drawings.*;

public class DemoStrategy implements IStrategy {
    public void onStart(IContext context) throws JFException {
        IChart chart = context.getLastActiveChart();
        IChartObjectFactory cf = chart.getChartObjectFactory();

        IScreenLabelChartObject staticLabel = cf.createScreenLabel("my-static-label");
        staticLabel.setText("static - print me on the chart pls");

        ILabelChartObject timedLabel = cf.createLabel("my-timed-label");
        timedLabel.setText("timed - print me on the chart pls");
        timedLabel.setTime(0, System.currentTimeMillis());
        timedLabel.setPrice(0, (chart.getMaxPrice() + chart.getMinPrice()) / 2);


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