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Extremely bad performance: 50 seconds to switch between periods
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Author:  mtnfx [ Mon 15 Mar, 2021, 20:25 ]
Post subject:  Extremely bad performance: 50 seconds to switch between periods

Hello. There is a problem which causes great annoyance to me - switching between periods sometime takes unexpectedly loooong time. For newly added instruments that simple operation may take 50+ seconds. See attached video for example - switching between periods for just added AAPL.US. This happens on LIVE account.

My environment is: 100mbit external internet connection in europe and 9600K CPU. These means roughly 10MB/s download speed at best (and it does work from some sites) and no reason for slowness caused by CPU in my workstation.

I checked local cache after operation completed - data for the period being displayed, files named BID_candles_min_1.bi5 for March - take 480k in total, this is roughly 0.05 sec at 10 MB/s.
However first occurrence of "BID_candles_min_1.bi5" appears at AAPLUSUSD\2020\08\03\ and total size of BID_candles_min_1.bi5 for AAPL is 6.6MB - I would expect download time for this volume in range of 1..10 seconds. Actual time to switch the period is 5 times longer than the worst time I expect for this operations. Waiting for such long is really annoying.

Another thing - I see no need to download 7 month of history at once while only 2 weeks are initially displayed.

Please improve performance of switching between periods.


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Author:  ccadar [ Tue 11 May, 2021, 06:33 ]
Post subject:  Re: Extremely bad performance: 50 seconds to switch between periods

I confirm it too.. it is loading slow even after a re-zooming of the chart is very slow..

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