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custom candle based upon chart period
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Author:  PhilMeijer [ Wed 03 Jul, 2019, 14:18 ]
Post subject:  custom candle based upon chart period

Im trying to code a custom candle which is based upon an parameter and the period of the underlying chart.
When i set the parameter to 3 and attach the indicator on the 3m chart i would like to have it display a custom candle of 3 bars wide.

Now i have code from the old custom candle indicator (within JForex) but it draws the rectangles (custom candles) completely wrong, see attachment.
This uses the 'older' custom candle code which outputs this way... Does anyone has the new code available?
I have it working but only in an Strategy while i want to use an indicator.

Someone know how to do this and or why the old code doesnt work and paint the way it does?
Anyone can give me some pointers how to proceed?


wrong custom candles.png [36.44 KiB]
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Author:  API Support [ Fri 05 Jul, 2019, 13:50 ]
Post subject:  Re: custom candle based upon chart period

We suggest to use JForex Custom Candle indicator, only in this case we can guarantee a correct work. If you want to get assistance with issue, related to your own indicator, then we need to see source code.

Author:  mak [ Fri 16 Aug, 2019, 14:34 ]
Post subject:  Re: custom candle based upon chart period

i made a request for this feature here:

https://www.dukascopy.com/swiss/english ... 28&t=56932

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