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ADR indicator incorrect values
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Author:  fxdiler [ Sun 23 Feb, 2020, 06:04 ]
Post subject:  ADR indicator incorrect values

I see in release notes that Jforex platform version 3.6.11 there is Improvement [JFOREX-11261] - Correct the min and max values for the ADR indicator. But JForex built-in ADR indicator still give incorrect values. See attached screens. I corrected original code of ADR indicator and renamed it to TrueADR. It give correct values. JForex built-in ADR indicator give incorrect results not always but some days. See 18.02.2020 and 21.02.2020 on example screens.

Incorrect ADR

Correct ADR

TrueADR.java [14.8 KiB]
Downloaded 220 times
TrueADR.png [14.78 KiB]
Downloaded 523 times
IncorrectADR.png [14.71 KiB]
Downloaded 263 times

Author:  API Support [ Tue 24 Mar, 2020, 17:55 ]
Post subject:  Re: ADR indicator incorrect values


ADR indicator calculation formula was not changed, only optional input "Time period" values range was corrected.

Best regards, API Support.

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