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date and time in Visual Jforex
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Author:  jfrodriguez [ Thu 19 Aug, 2021, 13:03 ]
Post subject:  date and time in Visual Jforex


I want to create a strategy that starts at 11:00 o'clock every day and finish at 13:00. In Visual Jforex I see that you can select a specific date and time (day of the calendar and hour, minute and second) in a variable, but I do not see a way to select just the time without taking into account a specific day on the calendar.
the point is that I want that the strategy executes everyday at 11:00 o'clock and not in a specific day of the calendar.

thanks for your help

Author:  OliverJervis [ Wed 13 Oct, 2021, 18:38 ]
Post subject:  Re: date and time in Visual Jforex


Taken from the user guide https://vf.dukascopy.com/vfhelper/downl ... _locale=EN

Get Time unit: Used to catch the time stamp either from the candle time (candle opening time) or from the tick time available in the left panel. This block works in a way to breakdown the date and time input into separate variables: The hour, the minutes, the seconds, the day of the week and the day of the month. Variables are saved in an integer type. To get the full time format, multiple blocks can be used.
Days of the week reference is defined as 1 for Sunday, 2 for Monday, 3 for Tuesday, 4 for Wednesday, 5 for Thursday, 6 for Friday and 7 for Saturday.


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