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Problems wirh "close and cancel position" block
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Author:  kostakis [ Sun 02 Jun, 2019, 21:00 ]
Post subject:  Problems wirh "close and cancel position" block

kostakis wrote:
I have the problem with "Close and Cancel Position" block. I use STOCH indicator in my strategy. The idea of the strategy is very simple. I need the strategy to open a SELL position if Slow %K < Slow %D, if Slow %K < 80, if Slow %K > 50. This part of strategy works perfectly and I have no problem with it. The problem occures when the open position needs to be closed. The conditions for close the SELL position are as follows: if Slow %K > 82, if Slow %K > Slow %D. I tried to write it like this (please, take a look at the picture below). However, something goes wrong and the strategy does not close the open positions. Could you, please, help me with that?


Author:  vadim_berezhnoj [ Wed 05 Jun, 2019, 17:17 ]
Post subject:  Re: Problems wirh "close and cancel position" block


Picture is pointless in that case. Please provide the strategy vfs file.

Kind regards, Support Team.

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