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Zigzag Trade
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Author:  PropTrader [ Tue 19 Mar, 2019, 18:04 ]
Post subject:  Zigzag Trade

How to set strategy with zigzag indicator to open trade when break last higher low as shown in image . and same for buy. Thank

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 6.01.25 PM.png [57.57 KiB]
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Author:  FranklinXiao [ Wed 20 Mar, 2019, 13:54 ]
Post subject:  Re: Zigzag Trade

Bro, I had tried like this:
1. using higher high and lower low logic to record zigzag's output and assign them to variables;
2. using candle counter or get time logic to attach counter number or time label to those variables;
3. using two low/high variables' value and time to caculate the reference change, (Prive change)/(Time change), or (Price change)/(candle distance), most like the slope of that trend line in your picture
4. base on shift1 candle's "candle counter number" or time and price to compare with the previous low or high varibales', cacualte the value, like 3.
5. compare the 3 and 4, then would know if it breakout the orignal two lows' or two highs' trend line.

It's not easy to define which zigzag's output is the final low or high, you could search in forum there're some examples.
Anyway, I didn't get success on this way. Hope above can provide some clues to you.

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