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Forum rules and guidelines.

Dukascopy’s forum is a forum with moderators.

Please make sure that you have read and understood the forum rules and disclaimer here after before participating in the message forum.
By participating in the forum you hereby agree and commit to comply with the rules hereafter.
Dukascopy reserves the right to remove, modify or delete messages at any time without notice.
Rules may change from time to time without notice. Please refer to them regularly

1. Conditions of Access

Accounts :
• Members of the forum shall use their Dukascopy community account
• Each Member of the forum is allowed to one login account only
• Nicknames are allowed as long as they comply with these Rules
New accounts :
• Dukascopy may decide at its discretion to submit the first post of a community member to moderation before such post appears on the forum
• In case of suspension or ban, the creation of a new user account or the use of alternate accounts to continue posting is strictly forbidden and may result in the permanent ban for such account (including future accounts)

Personal data:
• Members authorize Dukascopy Group to use and to process with their personal data
• Members undertake to update their personal data as often as necessary
• IP addresses, user ID and e-mail addresses are recorded and stored even if Members unsubscribe from the forum
• The site shall collect IP addresses, users ID, e-mail addresses of Members when subscribing, participating and unsubscribing to the forum. Such information can be provided to competent authorities, and stored for an undefined period of time after unsubscribtion of Members from the forum
• Posts must be made by a person
• Members undertake to provide only accurate and correct information, in particular with regard to their identity
• Members are legally responsible and liable for their posts and messages
• Dukascopy shall bear no liability/responsibility with regard to the content of the posts and messages
• Dukascopy expressly reserves the right to remove any post it considers as not appropriate without notice: such decision cannot be challenged
• Members shall be liable and responsible for any use of their user name, password and credentials

2. Members shall post in a way which is respectful of other Users, even when disagreeing with others. Posts should not contain any of the following materials which are not tolerated

• Ranting/Personal attacks/Insults/Flame (insulting, abusive, malicious personal attack)/Defame/Trolling (deliberately for the purpose of angering and insulting to incite retaliation or emotional response) are not accepted
• No use of racism, proselytism, discrimination, profanity, obscene, pornographic, generally offensive text or vulgar language/images/messages/links are tolerated
• No advertising or links to advertising or SPAM are accepted
• Pyramid quoting, namely response containing quotes of more than 5 previous posters with additional spaces added is not allowed
• Topics are to be stayed on : off topic and not relevant posts are not allowed
• The main language to be used by the Members is the English language, unless specified differently
• Members shall not use excessive numbers of emoticons, text, caps, punctuation, …in posts.
• Members who post excessive URLs may be sanctioned.
• Impersonation is strictly prohibited
• Locked topics cannot be reopened by Members
• Posts based on rumor are not allowed
• Members shall respect the forum layout : posts designed to distort the forum layout are prohibited

Members not respecting above rules will be sanctioned.
Dukascopy has the right to remove/edit/delete at its discretion any and all posts without notice.

3. Posting of personal information

• Members shall never share or publish their private and confidential information (personal data, e-mail address, ..) in the forum

4. Illegal Activity / Reporting violation the rules

• Members who believe in good faith and based on a reasonable belief that someone is violating these rules shall immediately report the case by clicking the “Report this post” icon, located at the bottom-right of each post.

5. Discussion of forum moderation

• Dukascopy’s forum is moderated by a team of dedicated Dukascopy moderators
• Moderators have the right to edit/delete posts, to lock threads and to ban temporarily or permanently accounts without notice
• Moderators’ decisions are final and cannot be challenged
• Discussion of forum moderation is not allowed and will be deleted

6. Posting of copyrighted material

• Posting of serial numbers, cracks, warez links or any other material destined to or breaching intellectual property rights are prohibited
• Members shall be liable/responsible for any violation of third parties intellectual property rights

7. Posting about bugs and vulnerabilities in the system (cf security tracker)

• Members can not disclose to any third party or list any bugs and/or vulnerability in the system but shall immediately contact Dukascopy

8. Warning and Reprimand policy

• Posts not respecting these Rules may be removed from the forum without notice
• Breaking these rules may result in the post being removed and/or for the following sanctions : warnings and/or suspension and/or permanent ban, ..., no recourse or claim being possible against such sanction
• Members have no right for compensation as consequence of any of the sanction here above
• Discussion of warnings/suspension/ bans is prohibited
• Should illegal activities be conducted through the forum, or any infringement to third parties rights or any other breach of law identified on the forum, Dukascopy has the right at its discretion to disclose the same to the competent authorities
• All posts of Member can be removed/deleted/modified by Dukascopy at its discretion at any time without notice
• Members undertake to hold Dukascopy harmless from any and all losses, damages, costs, whatsoever incurred by Dukascopy as the consequence of Members’ activity on the forum

9. Termination or cancellation of Members’s account

• Members can terminate their account from time to time without justification
• Dukascopy has the right to terminate the account of a Member at its own discretion, at any time and without notice
• Dukascopy shall have the right to take legal action against former users/Members and/or deleted old users/Members for any and all damages/harm resulting from the use of the forum
• Members’ data can be stored beyond the termination/cancellation of the account

10. Complaints

• Members willing to complain must send an e-mail to [email protected], with subject “JForex support board” + the name of the section (Visual JForex, Forex Community, Trading Platforms or Automated Trading, …). All complaints shall be investigated and replied to the Member.

11. These rules are governed by Swiss law and the place of venue is Geneva, Switzerland. However, Dukascopy reserves the right to apply at its discretion to any other competent jurisdiction as it deems appropriate.


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