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Change the title of windows containing one or more charts
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Author:  Nebilar [ Thu 12 Mar, 2020, 12:04 ]
Post subject:  Change the title of windows containing one or more charts

Dear support team,

it would be great if we could change the title of a chart(group) window to a custom string. Let me explain what I mean:
We can already give a chart a new window. The window will have the title of the charts selected instrument and timeframe (i.e. EUR/USD M30).
Now if we add another chart, lets say CAD/JPY, and it is selected as the primary one in that window, the window title will change to that charts instrument name - CAD/JPY M30.

What I would like to have is to give the window a custom group name that shows in the windows title. So, in the same example, lets say I want to name that window "Active Watchlist". The title could then be named "Active Watchlist" - followed by the selected charts instrument and timeframe names.
The option to change the Window title could be in each charts right click menu on its tab, like "Rename Window", right below "Rename" or similar.

Now why would one want to do this? Now we can group charts in windows by some reason, write that reason as title in the window title, and can easily select the right window from i.e. windows taskbar by looking at the different titles. It should be a fairly small change to the code.

It would be awesome if you could implement this!

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