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Build 2.7.9 / Date 2013-02-22
 Post subject: Build 2.7.9 / Date 2013-02-22 Post rating: 0   New post Posted: Fri 22 Feb, 2013, 16:43 
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APICLIENT-564 FIXED drawing performance tuned
APICLIENT-585 FIXED H4 contains flat data when exporting from Historical Data Manager
APICLIENT-590 FIXED onTick() JForex standalone API always one tick behind
APICLIENT-602 FIXED Murrey Math Lines
APICLIENT-614 FIXED IChartObject setText rightmost truncation on chart
APICLIENT-643 FIXED Recalculate indicator when cancelling modifications made from edit indicator dialog

APICLIENT-449 ADDED Hi-Lo indicator
APICLIENT-533 ADDED setLabel(String) for IOrder
APICLIENT-614 ADDED IChartObject getTextTruncation/setTextTruncation
APICLIENT-632 ADDED Wrong weekend bars when testing starts when market is closed

APICLIENT-362 CHANGED rename ITheme -> IChartTheme, move it to API, implement usage from SDK
APICLIENT-626 CHANGED deprecated IEngine.getAccount, added IAccount.getUserName


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