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Build API: 2.13.55 Client: 3.3.14 / Date 2018-Jun-18
 Post subject: Build API: 2.13.55 Client: 3.3.14 / Date 2018-Jun-18 Post rating: 0   New post Posted: Tue 19 Jun, 2018, 12:31 
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DDS2-jClient-JForex 3.3.14
JForex-API 2.13.55

JFOREX-9878 BTC/USD chart loading issue
JFOREX-9893 Fixed unsubscription from LineBreak and Kagi data feed in HT
JFOREX-9900 Focus on grouped chart

TRANSPORT-209 udp channel implemented
JFOREX-9928 Median Renko - sorting bug in the Chart Period Dropdown & in Preferences
JFOREX-9922 Add historical level disable feature under input for FIBPIVOT, WOODPIVOT and CAMPIVOT
JFOREX-9925 - Describe MarketOverview hotkeys in preferences
JFOREX-9910 Show the result of cursor pointer tool in all grouped charts
JFOREX-9918 Calculate conversion rates of the PL into base ccy

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http://www.dukascopy.com/client/jforexl ... -3-SDK.zip
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