Open Live account

Fast and easy in 3 steps

1 - Click here to apply and accept contracts

Fill in the online registration forms and accept contracts by simple clicks. For joint and corporate accounts please follow the STEPS.

After you complete the registration forms you receive 2 emails, one for identification (step 2) one for accepting contracts. It does not matter in which order you make identification and contract acceptance but you need to do both to open your account.

2 - Identify yourself

Follow email instructions for identification. The fastest is to go through video-identification (about 15 minutes) by downloading "Dukascopy Connect" application on your smartphone and following these instructions.

iPhone  Android 

If you already have an account with a Swiss bank, you can also identify yourself by emailing to your Account Manager (i) a simple copy of a valid Identity Document, (ii) a selfie and (iii) a utility bill dated less than 3 months.

For joint and corporate accounts please follow the STEPS.

3 - Fund your account

After approving your account, we send you transfer instructions so as you can fund your account by card or via wire transfer and start using our services.

We send your login and password by email after receiving your funds.