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The Strategy is very sample, based on cross of tow SMA indicator (30 and 60) on different time frame(H4 and H15) and combination with Fractal indicator too on time frame H15. The cross of tow indicator give signal that the trade opportunity is near to happen and the fractal give the signal to execute the trade (open a trade) even on long or short position. The SMA indicator used the SMA30 on H4 time Frame and The SMA S.L is set on - 35 pips maximum, and TP is set to +70 pips, the Tp should be greater than SL ; to make good risk management of the balance. indicator used on H15 time frame. The fractal indicator used is set on H15 time frame.
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8 14.11.2019 Not running TESTmeV2  Download
7 08.10.2019 Executed TESTmeV2  Download
6 27.09.2019 Executed TESTmeV2  Download
5 11.09.2019 Not running TESTmeV2  Download
4 17.07.2019 Executed TESTmeV2  Download
3 14.06.2019 Executed TESTmeV2  Download
2 28.05.2019 Comp. error TESTmeV2  Download
1 02.05.2019 Comp. error TESTmeV2  Download
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