Strategy uses place bid/offer orders at every min to get the best price. Therefore 1 min resistances are used for scalping. Volatility (ATR on last 100 periods by 10 sec) is measured and has to be below 1 pip. If the last 1 min bar is a rising bar the strategy tries to go short, if the last 1 min bar is a falling bar the strategy tries to go long. The place bid/offer orders are always set 1.5 pips better in the market as current bid/ask. Good till time is one hour. Initial stop loss is set to last bar close worse 300 pips, initial take profit is set to last bar close better 2 pips. Volume is calculated by 100% risk, but is reduced to the volume of the last tick size. SL is trailed into trading direction. There is also a booster algorithm, that closes a trade if p&l in pips is positive and opens a "boosted" one at 20% increased volume size. This is checked every full min. If a trade closes in loss, the next one gets a doubled volume. If the strategy encounters an upmove or an downmove of 50 pips, the planned risk for the next trade is multiplied by a factor of 120%
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15XY 28.12.2017 Not running more  دانلود
15FXY 28.12.2017 Comp. error greater  دانلود
15FX 28.12.2017 Not running small differences  دانلود
21F 26.05.2016 Not running more aggressive  دانلود
20F 26.05.2016 Not running more aggressive  دانلود
19F 05.11.2014 Executed More power  دانلود
18F 03.09.2013 Not running more hot stuff  دانلود
17F 01.08.2013 Not running improved again  دانلود
16F 01.08.2013 Comp. error extra trades in between  دانلود
15F 04.06.2013 Not running Strategy uses resistances and fast trades  دانلود
SFXbernhard avatar
SFXbernhard 29 دسامبر

The volume per time unit is still very high, as the frequency of trades is way higher than before. I had to change the strategy as Dukascopy's place bid / offer orders did not work on JForex and stopped this strategy all the time! See my post here

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vadim_berezhnoj 15 ژانویه

Great strategy, but still volume decrease has violated Rules in December.

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