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Sample Sample Strategy is based on daily Candle time frame, if the closed candle for last day is green ,it open a buy order, but if the closed candle was read , the stratgey open sell order. the SL for buy order is set under open of last colsed candle, and TP is set for +130 pips. For the sell order SL is set above the reed candle open, and TPis set + 130 pips too Meanwhile, im still developing the strategy to perform better, with low risk and high reward.
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5 05.02.2020 Not running Sample  التحميل
4 31.01.2020 Executed Sample  التحميل
3 27.12.2019 Not running Sample  التحميل
2 13.12.2019 Not running Sample  التحميل
1 04.12.2019 Executed Sample  التحميل
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