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mine is a forex strategy. default pair = GBPUSD, volume is 4M, default timeframe = 10mins. Sell if CCI (950) is less than zero, last bid candle closes below EMA 21, and EMA18 is less than EMA120. It will buy if CCI (950) is greater than zero, last bid candle closes above EMA 21, and EMA18 is greater than EMA120. exit buy trade when EMA18 crosses down below EMA120, and exits sell trade when EMA18 crosses up above EMA120. The exit did not work.
Version: Date: Status: Description:
6 06.12.2019 Running mine  Download
5 17.10.2018 Not running mine  Download
4 02.09.2018 Executed mine  Download
3 25.04.2018 Not running mine  Download
2 16.04.2018 Executed mine  Download
1 31.03.2018 Not running mine  Download
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