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The idea is to trade the end of every significant correction on EURUSD M5. - Trading Logic. We're searching for particular pattern - in uptrend three we need three bearish candles followed by two bullish candles. Once we have them it is a buy signal. Respective in downtrend - we need three bullish candles and two bearish after them. I use this pattern to find the end of the the correction. - Description of indicators. The only used indicators are 90 periods EMA on M5 and . I use it to determine the trend and to filter the signals. - Explanation of chosen settings. This is one timeframe strategy. Only M5 is used. EURUSD only. I selected this pair as most liquid. As the strtegy works on M5 the Take Profit 7 pips. The Stoploss is set to 65 pips to avoid needless stopouts, but the actual stoploss is time-related. If the take profit (7 pips) is not hit in three days the position is closed automatically. Also the strategy has trade-blocking flags "donotbuy" and "donotsell". donotbuy set to 1 when the last candle is opened above and closed below upper Bolinger band. The flag is set back to 0 after about half an hour. The idea is to give some time to the market to decide where to go from the local high. The respective rule is valid for "donotsell". - Method of trade volume calculation: As this is contest strategy the volume is increasing with 0.18mio on every trade starting from 8 mio.

Dynamique des pertes/profits cumulés

Période choisie: 01.09.2021 - 30.09.2021

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Classements (points): 197 (46)
Performance, $ (points): 14,81K$ (4)
Drawdown, % (points): 85.19% (7)
Bonuses: 35
Average Profit Trade: 2,05K$
Average Loss Trade: -16748.68$
Facteur de profit: 0,00K
Nombre d'opérations: 25
Volumes traités: 211,11M$
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