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This strategy is built up with three different core sub-systems. The first is mean reversion strategy when the market moves in small sideway. And the second is another mean reversion scalping strategy during asian session. The last strategy adopts London breakout mechanism by placing two pending orders similar to OCO orders.The first two strategies will also try to recover loss by increasing amounts. The breakout strategy reduces trading amount to control excess risks.Such algorithm combination can achieve some sort of return smoothing.

Dynamique des pertes/profits cumulés

Période choisie: 01.09.2019 - 30.09.2019

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Classements (points): 169 (83)
Performance, $ (points): 93,38K$ (5)
Drawdown, % (points): 13.86% (43)
Bonuses: 35
Average Profit Trade: 0,88K$
Average Loss Trade: -2274.92$
Facteur de profit: 0,00K
Nombre d'opérations: 62
Volumes traités: 272,81M$
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