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Trading Logic. Where and how strategy trades. Its uses past 2 candles to make logical trades.Upon satisfying the the condition =>if(close2>open 1 & low2>low1 & high1>low2 ) =>then buy equal or more than 5 million AUD/USD with 25 pips take profits and stoploss 50. else sell equal or more than 5 million AUD/USD with 25pips take profits and stoploss 50.) (Description of patterns that i am trading. Candles has been used to identified short term pattern .2 past candles are used to look up recent pattern and trigger buy or sell according to trend.) (Description of indicators Currently not using any indicators but in future i can add indicators to improve strategy.) (Time frames This strategy is designed for intraday trading and that's why 15min time frame has been chosen.) (currency pairs AUD AND USD are two currencies which are traded globally with high volumes and very popular among many trader in the asia, thus chosen it.) (Take Profits and Stoploss Range of pips is very small in 15 minutes time frame and that's why Take profits of 25 pips has been settled in this strategy. Basically this strategy used pattern to find possible orders and in my experience pattern is popular among friend and all traders trade with some kind of candles pattern and generally put stoploss 50 ,so as to satisfy postive risk reward ratio. (Other settings Not other setting has been put in this strategy but can be update in future.)

تجمع سود / مکانیزم ضرر ($)

دوره های منتخب: 01.11.2020 - 30.11.2020

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رده بندی (امتیازات): 132 (125)
عملکرد, $ (امتیازات): 94,65K$ (59)
Drawdown, % (امتیازات): 37.98% (31)
Bonuses: 35
Average Profit Trade: 12,49K$
Average Loss Trade: -23600$
عامل سود: 0,00K
شمار معاملات: 26
حجم تجارت شده: 169,55M$
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