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Where and how strategy trades- This strategy is based on crossover of moving averages. I have used EMAs instead of SMAs to capture recent reversals. It also uses stoch indicator to check major trend and current oversold/overbought levels. It places a buy order if EMA(5) crosses EMA(13) from beneath and if Stoch (30) supports the trend while stoch(5) suggests a reversal and vice-e-versa. - EMA (5) is quick to know any reversal and it works well with EMA(13). - I have used standard settings for Stoch(5) and chose pair USD/JPY as it offers less spread which makes strategy more effective. Tp is 10 while stop loss is 100.

تجمع سود / مکانیزم ضرر ($)

دوره های منتخب: 01.06.2021 - 30.06.2021

Full Stats

رده بندی (امتیازات): 123 (138)
عملکرد, $ (امتیازات): 84,69K$ (75)
Drawdown, % (امتیازات): 43.27% (28)
Bonuses: 35
Average Profit Trade: 5,79K$
Average Loss Trade: -63707.96$
عامل سود: 0,00K
شمار معاملات: 10
حجم تجارت شده: 133,39M$
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