AA2 (ver. 4) Running

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AA2 is a trend strategy, which is based on 2 indicators ADX (24) and Alligator, using GBP/USD for trading. Trading logic consists in following the trend on a 1-hour chart using the location of Alligator lines. It starts to trade at 5 am GMT and If the Alligator’s lips (green line) are higher than the Alligator’s jaw (blue line) opens a long position, otherwise makes a short position. When Alligator indicator widely opens its mouth, there is a strong price movement up or down while ADX indicator shows the strength of any trend in the digital value. The strategy considers that potential of a trend movement is relatively high when the ADX(24) is less than 30 points, so ADX (24) is used to change basic 5M trading volume to 1M when a trend is weak. Trading hours: 5 - 16 GMT, SL 70 pips, TP 75 pips, trailing step 50 pips.

Кумулятивный график П/У

Выбранный период: 01.02.2020 - 29.02.2020


Рейтинг (очков): 208 (46)
Эффективность, $ (очков): 42,18K$ (3)
Drawdown, % (очков): 81.83% (9)
Bonuses: 34
Average Profit Trade: 19,34K$
Average Loss Trade: -12858.36$
Фактор прибыльности: 0,00K
Количество трейдов: 20
Проторгованный объем: 228,13M$
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