EurUsdcountertrend_v18 (ver. 6) Running

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EurUsdcountertrend_v18 is a candle close strategy, which trades only the EurUsd pair based on buying when the maket is bearish and selling when the market is bullish - making use of retracement. It trades on a 1 minute chart. For this I use the indicators: fibonacci pivot points - set to 1 hour, and RSI_14, set to 4hour. The market is deemed bullish when the price is above pivot Resistance1 (below Resistance3 - because a break above pivot resistance 3 may make the market overly bullish and retracement may not happen - I backtested this)) in a 1 hour period and RSI_14 is above 60 in a 4 hour period - it sells when a 1 minute candle closes between Fib pivot Resistance 1 and fib pivot Resistance 3 on an hourly chart and RSI_14 is above 60 on a 4hr chart. Vice versa it will buy when a 1 minute candle closes between fib pivot Support1 and Support3 (below pivot support 3 may be overly bearish and retracement may not happen - I backtested this) on an hourly chart, and RSI_14 is below 40 on a 4hr chart. SL is 142 pips because the area wherein the trade is activated has a variable range based on where pivot and resistace/support levels are due to previous price action. TP is only 5 pips because it trades against the market direction and I want to catch small retracement only, also smaller trades makes it possible for the strategy to shift from bearish to bullish market on time without getting stuck in a single trade. Lot size increases with every trade because I set max lot size at 25 milion and maximum equity is used on each trade to fully profit from the small trades. The strategy opens about 30-40 positions a month based on backtesting.


选择周期: 01.09.2021 - 30.09.2021

Full Stats

排名 (分数): 185 (63)
表现, $ (分数): 30,19K$ (18)
Drawdown, % (分数): 79.32% (10)
Bonuses: 35
Average Profit Trade: 1,43K$
Average Loss Trade: -3021.76$
盈利因素: 0,00K
交易的数量: 51
交易量: 492,75M$