Dukascopy News
05 December 2016
New JForex 3 is available on LIVE!

Dukascopy Bank SA has released a new generation of the JForex platform – JForex 3 with higher performance and better user experience! After the successful launch on DEMO in September 2016, JForex 3 successfully passed the probation period and has become available on LIVE! During the probation period, Dukascopy DEMO users proved their preference in favor of the new JForex 3 over the current version.

The new JForex 3 platform has an interface similar to the current version of JForex platform, making the acquaintance easier for users that are already familiar with JForex. JForex 3 is available simultaneously with the current generation of JForex, allowing users to continue trading on the current version of the platform if they wish to do so.

The new JForex 3 platform has new features such as zoom function, drag&drop (personally adjustable interface), over 35 new trading indicators, advanced indicator setting (e.g. possibility to build new indicators based on the output of other indicators, different instruments, periods etc.), order pop-up notifications, new types of trading amounts (lots, M, K) and a new design with different color themes. The full list of new features can be found in What's new

Since the release of the previous generation of JForex, Dukascopy has significantly increased the number of trading instruments, including new currency pairs, CFDs on commodities, indexes and equities, and is planning to continue extending the list. Among other improvements, the new JForex 3 makes it easier to search and subscribe to different trading instruments.

For traders using Java WebStart, it is required to have Java8 installed. Traders using the installable version of JForex platform can use both JForex and JForex 3 without having Java8 installed on their PC/MAC.
In the nearest future, Dukascopy is planning to release new generations of the Web platform and iOs application.