Looking at the monthly and weekly chart of EUR/CAD pair, it seems that it is at the previous area of supply back in 10.2010, 05.2011, 11.2011 and 12.2014 which turned into the strong area of demand back in 12.2015. After pushing higher and being strongly rejected it is ranging in this key area again with the possibility of a rise or a further downfall.

Looking at the daily chart the price is at the previous area of resistance which possibly might turn into an area of support with price bouncing of the 20 EMA. There has been a crossover between 20 EMA and 100 EMA quite recently, with the low test bar and the next day's bar taking the high, signalling the change of trend. Zooming into the other timeframes you can see the stochastic (14,3,3 and 8,3,3) is oversold. There is a regular bullish divergence with the low test bar on the 4 hours timeframe. The slow stochastic (21,9,9) on the 1 hour timeframe is clearly oversold. If the crude oil inventories results will be as expected at 3.2M, the price should soon push higher as Canadian dollar will fall together with the price of crude oil and the phase should change.

I think that on the 1st of November the price should take the previous high on the daily and might be ranging around 1.50414 at the Fibonacci level of 1.272.
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