My analysis on the pair will involve several technical indicators, such as BB, RSI, EMA.
As of now (5th of September) the pair is in some bearish trend. The NFP has passed in Friday and it showed worse than expected created jobs so from technical point of view I looked in the 4 hr chart and there was already formed a channel down which means that sometimes technical and fundamental analysis are in anti correlation.

The RSI-100 has already reached level 30 (which is thought to be a level for posiblle reverse and starting the oversold conditions)
From this point we can expect the support to be moderate and we are waiting for a correction of at least 100 pips.
However if we look at the Daily chart

It can be seen that we have a possible head and shoulders formation. There are 2 major levels 1.144 and 1.095 and possibly the price will fluctuate around this levels if there are no fundamental surprises.
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