The EUR/PLN continues to trade inside a five-year range. Since the start of 2011 this pair has moved without a clear trend or direction. We opened 2012 at 4.4464 and we're currently quoted at 4.2964, only 3.37% away. This is a negligible amount for four years and 9 months of trading.

On the lower time-frames things aren't looking great for momentum traders either. Notice how directionless ranges prevail here as well. Another reason why am I betting on the pair staying near the current price is the 4.2248 level.

This is the mid-point between the five-year high at 4.61 and the low at 3.83. Prices have oscillated above and below this figure but they seem to constantly be attracted to it. This level should act as a magnet and keep any bull/bear moves firmly anchored.
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