: Weekly
INDICATORS: Parabolic Sar, Money Flow Index, Linear Regression Slope
RESISTANCE LEVELS: 8.29301 - 9.17303

The EUR/NOK currency pair pattern is in a slighty bearish trend but it could be possible that it can be dominated by a trendless zone considering the two convergence of the trendlines around the two level price at 9.72917 and 9.17303.
The Linear Regression Slope at -0.02 the parabolic Sar distribution and the MFI seem to support the possibility of a trendless pattern. The possibility of a Brexit strategy and the cyclic analysis could suggests a bearish domination. Also the chart analysis can facilitate a possibility of a retracement around the resistance line in fig 1. A bullish crossing at 9.72917 can validate a bullish monopoly. It can be evaluated a forecast level price at 9.17303.

FIGURE 1 shows the possible bearish trend with the trendlines

FIGURE 2 indicates the forecasting pattern

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