INDICATORS: Parabolic Sar, Money Flow Index, Linear Regression Slope
SUPPORT LEVELS : 0.73002- 0.76985
The AUD/CHF currency pair pattern is in a slighty bearish trend but it could be possible that it can be dominated by a trendless trendless considering the support zone at 0.73002 level price. The Linear Regression Slope at 0.0003, the MFI value and the Parabolic Sar can support the trendless forecast. It is relevant to consider in this analysis the possible retracement around the support line. Moving ahead, market release on Australia’s consumer inflation expectation data could support the bearish trend with the consideration of the China monetary policy and the possibility of a interest rates decision. A bearish crossing of the 0.72001 can validate a bearish domination. A bullish crossing at 0.76985 can facilitate a bullish monopoly. It can be evaluated a forecast level price at 0.73225.
FIGURE 1 shows the trendlines.

FIGURE 2 indicates the forecasting pattern

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