CHART SCALE: WeeklyINDICATORS: Parabolic Sar, Money Flow Index, Linear Regression Slope
PAIR ANALYSIS :The USD/JPY is in a trendless tendency as indicated in Fig 2. The Linear Regression Slope around - 0.2 and the Parabolic Sar seems to support the secondary bearish retracement but the GDP could be an opportunity for the bullish speculators. A bearish crossing of the 108.03 level can validate a significant bearish domination.
A crossing of the 116.89 level could suggest the bullish monopoly.
The analysis suggests the possibility to open a buy lim position at 110.8 with SL at 108.01 and TP at 111.80.
It could be also opened a sell lim at 111.8 with a TP at 111.3
It can be evaluated a forecast level price at 111.312 .
FIGURE 1 indicates the bullish tendency and the level price

FIGURE 2 indicates the forecasting pattern

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