Charts timeframes used: Monthly and Weekly charts.

Technical indicators used: Adx indicator, the momentum indicator, support levels, moving averages.

As it appears on the next monthly chart we can see that there is a strong correlation between audusd and eurusd pair, and both have been in a sell-off for more than 2 months and it's predicted that the AUDUSD WILL HIT THE 0.7000 LEVEL for the 1 st of October.

as is shown in the next chart there is strong monthly ADX INDICATOR sell signal combined with the sell signal of the momentum indicator.

AUDUSD is gaining strong down momentum due to rising ADX INDICATOR ABOVE 30 LEVEL SUPPORTED WITH THE MOMENTUM INDICATOR and that predicted to continue with an even stronger sell off in the next weeks TO TARGET 0.7000 FOR THE 1 ST OF OCTOBER, as is shown in the next weekly chart.

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