technical analysis and the basic pair for #USDJPY
For Monday, May 29, 2017

From the chart we notice that the pair is moving in a bullish channel but not at these sharp levels and the strength of the channel's channel tends to track in a cross-section. The divergence between the price and the is observed as the MACD started to rise and the line crossed the zero line after the sharp drop that occurred.
As I show you, Fibonacci levels are between 61.8 and 78.2 where these levels represent correct levels of AB leg to find point C of AB = CD
We note that the pair has very strong support levels at the price on the neighbor to you
The sell price is clear on the volatility indicators as well as the price of 200 now represents support for the price and is expected that the price rises strongly and in the case of a drop prefers to buy from the support areas located before you with a stop loss below the support after the price stability and change trend
Open the door on the 4-hour frame and see the buy opportunities
Please follow the notes below

Basic Analysis

During the previous week's trading, the USDJPY fell strongly from 112 levels and lost more than 100 points
The main reason for the decline in the pair on Friday is the negative data for Durable Goods Orders but the main support for the pair is positive
the most important data from the previous GDP, which was better than expected 0.9% with 1.2%
(Important notes please follow)))
Please pay attention if the transaction is entered into a profit please reserve the profits and close part of the contract
Do not convert your profits into losses and move the stop loss order to the entry level if the price moves in your favor to protect yourself from any possible market repercussions
Do not close your winning trades early, but be sure to book your profits until you reach the goal
Managing a strict capital means opening a deal at the size of 0.01 Lott Stender when calculating the size of $ 1000
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