BRENT/USD back to 0 or 100? Probably 100.920

If we hold 75,720 there is a big chance we're going to see 100.920
As we can see on the daily we have a green uptrend channel and a chance to reload and go long for the coming days. We see 75,20 as our critical support we probably wont break and a point to rebuy after confirmation.
Weekly chart has nice green uptrend channel and closed above the critical 75,720 PL line.
Monthly chart with PL lines
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USD/SGD very bullish this month where will it end?

This is my own developed trading method I advise you not to follow my advice. Fibonacci levels are based on astronomical price levels of USD/SGD on 01-01-1960.
As we can see we we're very bullish from end April till now.
Right now the first reload moment represents itself as we can see we are oversold on the daily.
Entry: right now
SL: 1.33230
TP1: 1.35855
TP2: 1.37430
TP3: 1.38480
On the hourly chart we also see a green uptrend tunnel coming up.
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EUR/SGD Massively oversold on the weekly

As we can see on the weekly chart EUR/SGD is massively oversold and is currently trading in support ranges. If we see a reversal candle on the daily in this entry range we can start to buy in.
Entry: 1.56400 - 1.55891
SL: 1.5555
TP1 1.57679
TP2 1.59125
TP3 1.60558
I expect we're going to be trading around TP2 1.59125 levels end of July.
Also oversold on the 4H chart perfect entry for a long position.
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EUR/USD oversold on the weekly

As we can see here the EURO is massively oversold on the weekly chart. Fibonacci levels are based on astronomical price levels of 1 January 1999
I expect were going test 38,2% at 1,5441 the coming week and afterward will start a reversal.
  • Entry: 1,5441
  • SL: 1,5200 or 1,5000

  • TP1 - 50% 1,17820
  • TP2 - 61,80% 1.20179
  • TP3 - 75% 1.22860

Daily chart also indicates we are oversold and we can see we have our entry zone just beneath the tunnel. Keep your eyes on this idea and feel free to contact me!

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