• Charts: 4Hours, 1 Day.
  • Indicators: Fibonacci Fan Lines,Fibonacci Retracements,
  • Prepared with : JForex 4.
  • Current Level : 93.80
  • CAD/JPY has been hovering up ,down & sideways in a 440 pips range between fan lines since the start of this year.Currently the recent price action is gathered within an important supply & demand zone , a zone full of strong previous support & resistances.Currently the pair on 1 Day chart has an important support at 92.30 & a strong resistance level at 94.10 which is only 30 pips below current price level.I am pretty sure that the next move will be breakout beyond this level and an attempt to start a bullish trend in the months to come.
  • My predicted price level for the 1st of July is 95.14

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