AUDUsd fundamentally recovering - technicals to follow

Aud/Usd has rejected the lows of 0.70 a couple of times now
Data releases out of Australia point to a recovering economy, so the pair should go up
(what can't go down must go up)
We see a break of a downward trendline on the weekly chart:
The trendline has now acted as support after the upward break, and should the pair bullish again
On the daily chart we can see some kind of closing wedge pattern forming above weekly trendline
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USDJpy rejecting previous lows

UsdJpy has reached the lows for now and will turn up
On the weekly chart we can see that UsdJpy is holding above 61.8% fibonacci retracement of last move up
this should be a strong level and I think it will hold
It is clear now on the daily chart that the previous lows have been rejected
We see large volume on the initial lows and less volume on another push down towards these lows
This indicates that the market is exhausted bearish , a…
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EURUsd on the way down again

EurUsd seems on its way down again towards support

I will explain why I think this, but first I need to share something
Note: From now on I will be using DiNapoli based indicators when doing my technical analysis
I will explain them now, and refer future questions about my indicators to this post, here goes:
For momentum/market direction I am using DiNapoli based Stochastic and MACD
A combination of these two indicators is used to determine if market is bearish or bullish
i.e. if they both poin…
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GBPUsd falling ahead of threat of Brexit

GbpUsd is falling fast triggered by fears of Brexit
Brexit of course being the case of UK leaving the Eurozone
Things are looking very bad indeed for the pair as we see on the weekly chart, first;
RSI_14 is really weak and heading to oversold without reason to bounce
because we see the RSI trend is holding the price down (red line)
Two large weekly candles down give us reason to believe in further decline,
as there is currently no reason fundamentally or technically that the pair should turn bul…
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