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Fashion for dogs. Made in Taiwan.

Happy Monday Community!
How are you doing? Hope you are fine)))
You know fashion is a bit crazy nowadays. I become sure about this day by day. I bump into interesting information this morning and would like to hear your opinion!!!!
In Taiwan they launch new fashion for dogs haircut! Now the square or round shapes are in trend! OMG!!!! Guys, probably I am too old fashioned but, believe me, I would never do in my life such a style for my dog!)))) For me it is a bit too much! At least now I underst
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maximemc8 avatar
maximemc8 27 نيسان

ahahahahah such a crzay people ! i guess they also eat them!! loool

WallStreet6 avatar
WallStreet6 28 نيسان

the square head dog looks terrible

Joe_Vulcan avatar
Joe_Vulcan 18 تشرين الاول

Waw! what a sense of fashion.

RahmanSL avatar
RahmanSL 26 كانون الاول

Well, if that doggy likes it, then it's okay I supposed!

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Минута лирики...........

Привет еще раз друзья!
У меня очень лирическое настроение и я хочу поделится им в виде моего самого любимого стихотворения!

Перегорело. Уже не больно.
Сижу напрротив, смеюсь, шучу...
- Как жизнь?
- Нормально
- И я довольна
- Давай за встречу?
- Давай чуть -чуть...
- Ты замуж вышла?
- Ну да, а что?..
- Да, ну, кончено. Что за вопрос. А помнишь?..
- Помню...
- Я тоже помню...
- Ну вот и ладно. Давай без слез.
- Ты стала жесткой.
- Прошло три года.
- Не так уж много.
- И это срок...
- Сегодня жарк…
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poe3 avatar
poe3 24 نيسان

agree Минута лирики

RahmanSL avatar
RahmanSL 26 كانون الاول

The English translation is muddled up....but I am sure it is a very nice poem....something to do with having an affair with a married man?

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I Love My Job

Happy Friday Community!
This amazing sunny afternoon I decided to show off my work a bit
Few weeks ago I had a very interesting movie shoots for the short movie which will go for the next International short movie festival. And today I got a small piece of this movie but, of course, it is not the final cut yet. Anyway I would like to show you what I am doing in life.
By the way we were working on this few minutes piece almost 4 hours.
You know the work of actress and model is hard one BUT I love
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CriticalSection avatar
CriticalSection 25 نيسان

beautiful screen presence and a convincing performance... I also got to see your first video (in the green skirt) again - still one of my favourite.. keep up the good work J

pipx avatar
pipx 27 نيسان

Wow, your job is awesome

JuliaBF avatar
JuliaBF 27 نيسان

Thank you my dear friends)))

maximemc8 avatar
maximemc8 27 نيسان

amazing ! :) keep going! soon holywood!

RahmanSL avatar
RahmanSL 26 كانون الاول

Yes, iIf you don't like your work, then it's a job.

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