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Movie Making Week

When we're not building software technology or AI-driven automated investment strategies, members of my group are progressing various efforts in the entertainment sphere, including the dark art of movie making.
COVID-19 has brought many things into focus for us including the need to optimise how we prioritise, manage and execute ideas.
After significant delay, work is now underway on a big-budget (seven figures) crime action thriller that will be based in London and draw on everything learnt whi…
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Mobile Phone Trading Week

Most who know me know that I'm engaged in trading via the use of computer software and that I'm in the process of setting up a number of computer driven investment management funds.
I'm not actually a professional trader, I'm a technology director (software development) and entrepreneur. Financial trading systems just happens to be one area of entrepreneurial focus.
Quite a few times I have been asked why I don't participate in the [url=]S
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CriticalSection 2019年02月16日

By September 2016, a year later after writing this blog, mobile trading aka Senseless Gambling had taken the above account to obscene levels - proving that with some risk, the impossible can be possible.

Thu 8 Sep 2016 - 1 Day

Total Trades

Losing Trades  ** Horrible Run At First
Losing Trades (% of Total Trades)
Losing Trades (Total Amount)
Losing Trades (Longest Streak)

Winning Trades ** Then A Decent Recovery
Winning Trades (% of Total Trades)
Winning Trades (Total Amount)
Winning Trades (Longest Streak)

Total Net Profit
£5759.35 ~ 8.69%

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CriticalSection 2019年02月16日

Following a number of distractions/setbacks on the coding front, I have finally sorted out (in 2019) production quality versions of my Machine Learning trading models.

The Main delay?  the AI for Dynamic Risk Management :)

More to come...

A. Useful Machine Learning Research:

B. Early Preview of Previous Model (now deprecated)

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Anna_Tsiren 2019年03月05日

good job !

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JUN 2020
Nominal amounts cited are no longer the point - these are frivolous side trades - the balance between blue entries vs. red entries remains the only point.

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Consistency and Discipline over time are the building blocks of Dreams