Contest Prizes

$2 500
Dream shopping
tour in geneva
trip to

Become the Miss of the Month!

Jan 2018

10 Misses
every month
to October

Oct 2018

Nov 2018

Dec 2018


1st place
trip to Geneva!*

1 Month = 1 Miss


2nd place

$ 900 money prize


3rd place

$ 800 money prize


4th place

$ 700 money prize


5th place

$ 600 money prize


6th-10th place

$ 500 money prize

Final voting

* - contestants, who took 1st place, will fly to Geneva, where it will be held the grand final of the contest

Grand Ceremony

Miss Dukascopy Prizes

Diamond earrings for $20 900

Jewelry by Benoit de Gorski adds a beautiful touch to a feminine look for the special moments. Benoit de Gorski is always an eye-catching piece of jewelry that compliments your look and accentuates your best features. Rings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches with gems: diamond, tanzanite, ruby, emerald. In “Benoit de Gorski” you can find the perfect piece of jewelry for your soul.

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$10 000 for shopping

Leonard is a family company, which has been transmitting and perpetuating its expertise for the last 60 years. Today, the house is characterized thanks to a rare blend of artistic flair and traditional craftsmanship. Leonard considers its business as belonging to the world of Arts and Crafts :It produces original and multiple designs as an original combination of dramatic styling of clothes and unique motifs. Handmade exclusives designs printed using breakthrough techniques and at least high manufacturing standards. Leonard Paris is a luxury ready-to-wear label, timeless yet trendy and recognised by women the world over.

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Perfume for $750

Fragrance Du Bois is a niche luxury perfume house born from the richest essences of nature, and crafted by fifth generation perfumers from the 17th Century French tradition of Grasse. Fragrance Du Bois will transport you to yesteryear, invoking long lost memories, fleeting feelings, and bursts of joy.

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Shoes and Bags

Giorgio Fabiani creates elegant high-quality shoes and accessories in the best traditions of Italian craftsmanship. Perfection in every detail, combining traditions with innovations and passion for shoes make Giorgio Fabiani’s designs unique and appreciated all over the globe. The brand is a bright representative of “Made in Italy” fashion, embodying the logic of comfort and style. Miss Dukascopy will be granted 3 pairs of luxurious shoes and 2 elegant clutch bags by Giorgio Fabiani.

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Shopping for USD 10 000

As one of the world’s leading luxury womenswear brands, Escada stands for modern elegance, cool glamour, and sensual femininity. The brand, founded in 1978 by Margaretha and Wolfgang Ley, provides a distinct sense of refined quality, workmanship, and excellent fit and is characterized by color, print, and the love for detail. Under the two product lines ESCADA and ESCADA SPORT the brand offers its customers a lifestyle concept for dressing, filled with everything from must-have daywear for business and leisure to glamorous eveningwear.

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Lingerie and swimwear for USD 1 500

Luxury French Aubade lingerie and swimwear is the fruit of a delicate alchemy between quality, a long corset-making experience and constant research into new materials, shapes and colours. Aubade's knowledge of fashion and long-standing passion for women and their power of seduction leads straight to Aubade's heart - the creation of sensual, beautiful and glamorous lingerie.

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Promotion worth $3000

TheGlam Management Group is International PR Agency based in Monaco. Being collaborating with different countries from East Europe to Asia, US and Africa they are able to provide massive international promotion and cultural exchange of experiences. TheGlam mostly engage in fashion and beauty industry as much as in Luxury Lifestyle. The company have several directions of activity, several of them is Worldwide famous Beauty Pageants and Fashion Editorials. As owners says, this is the most powerful PR tools to promote as brand as personality!
TheGlam offers publicity for 1 double page in TheGlam Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, an encyclopedia of the latest trends in fashion, beauty and luxury lifestyle. Moreover the shout outs of the lucky winner via official IG account @theglammag_ and, of course, the article on the web site

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Outerwear by Nobis for USD 3 500

Nobis is a new class of luxury outerwear. It creates the finest items, always carefully considering materials, practices and facilities. Classic fitted silhouettes are reinterpreted as performance outerwear, always designed for global movement and unpredictable weather. Material innovations with cotton, nylon, leather, and wool also contribute to versatile pieces that afford you the luxury of going anywhere. With Nobis, never sacrifice style for functionality.

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10 Dresses for USD 3000

Malina Fashion is a mix of feminine, classy and determined women, with a vividly colored and perfectly recognizable collection. As the designer Olga Prosvetova puts it: "We aim for each girl to look luxurious in design pieces from Malina Fashion at any important event in her life."

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Dresses for USD 1500

Herstory is a charismatic womenswear brand. Miss Dukascopy 2018 get a wardrobe update for USD 1 500 from the brand! Herstory was founded in 2015 to create high-quality clothing that emphasizes femininity and charisma while maintaining the line between exuberance and elegance. Each individual capsule of Herstory has its own theme and concept, and every item in the collection has its own idea and name. Whether it is music or geometry, the beauty of nature or great women that serve as inspiration, the brand perfectly embodies its ideas into chic female silhouettes.

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Luxurious Accommodation for the Finalists and a Suite for the Winner for USD 45 000

Hotel President Wilson is a member of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. It is located at a walking distance to the city center with the most beautiful parks and boutiques. At the same time Hotel President Wilson provides the luxury of a peaceful stay facing Lake Geneva with the majestic Mont-Blanc in the background.

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Fur Coat worth USD 60 000!

These luxurious furs were featured in "Sex and the City" and "The Devil Wears Prada". Such gorgeous ladies as Beyonce, Rihanna, Heidi Klum, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Cardi B and Winnie Harlow choose precious fur coats by Helen Yarmak International to complete their outfits. The demand for brand’s fur creations among global fashion elite is not accidental: Helen developed a know-how that enables changing functionality of its garments in 35 different ways!
Dukascopy Bank SA will present Miss Dukascopy 2018 a premium sable fur coat by Helen Yarmak worth USD 60 000!

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Our Media Partners

Dukascopy Fashion is a channel about trendy, stylish, fabulous and glamorous lifestyle. Here you will find interviews with well-known designers and models, get to know the history of brands and their creators, have a sneak-peak at the exciting backstage atmosphere of the Miss Dukascopy beauty contest and festive splendor of Switzerland's unique Geneva Forex Event.

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TheGlam Luxury Lifestyle Magazine introduces the reader to the secrets of worldwide famous personalities, celebrities, best places to live, nano technologies and food innovations. Every Issue of the Magazine is full of interesting exclusive interviews with the biggest contributors in sport, fashion, beauty and much more. This is one of a kind International Editorial, which involves a wide and varied audience. The project is especially interesting for fashion lovers, connoisseurs of luxury, celebrity followers and, of course, for big brands and companies who are looking for new challenges and opportunities. Collaborating with different countries, TheGlam guarantee the exchange of cultures and experiences. The Magazine combines a fashion editorial with expensive luxury lifestyle, glamorous celebrity life and, of course, introduction of the newly born Beauty Queens!

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Miss TheGlam Monaco International is the one and only accepted Beauty Contest in Regency. During 3 years of existence Miss TheGlam Monaco had been excepted by International community as one of the TOP5 beauty contests worldwide. The finalists of the Contest are officially the most beautiful ladies of their countries.

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