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911 hero

This is my drug.)) I can not do 911 without it. Always with me.
911 Dukascopy Connect is an application that broke into my life 8 months ago.
This application, without which I now do not fall asleep and do not wake up.
Why Dukascopy Connect 911?
Free and safe application for managing your account in Dukascopy
In addition, you can earn good money here! How? Easily!
Answer the questions of others, help with advice, approach the answer creatively. For the best answer you will receive a monetary reward!
Messenger from the Swiss bank for all. 100% confidentiality according to the standards of Swiss banks.
Support service will always help anytime during the day.
Increase your chances of meeting new people using the service Dukascopy 911! You have the opportunity to discuss any topic that interests you! **********

Prior to that, 5 out of 5 respondents were very good because they were answering in detail. Now, 7/7 I like it. I think so much. I'll wait for a long time. Previously there were more people here. When the rating was high. The old rules were more acceptable. Due to the new rules, the rating has been lost, so long as the customer is no longer as it was before. This is my opinion. Thanks for your attention.
It is very pleasant when they answer your answer and give you a franca. 911 Connect gives you the opportunity to provide chat, have fun and earn a small amount.
Download apps Dukascopy connect 911 and earn money right now.
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Dukan diet is one of the most popular diet in the world, its advantage is that the weight loss is naturally, quickly and efficiently. The diet also prescribes the maintenance phase. So you do not have to be constantly on diet.
This diet was created by a French doctor, Pierre Ducan. It is said that this diet is the best way to save French women without training and strict diet.
Now let's see what we need to be in shape:
Step 1: The attack phase
The first step is to remove carbohydrate from the menu.
We need to get as much protein - eggs, fish, meat, seafood. Ducani says that it's very simple, because the protein dries up and the hunger is no longer sad. This phase lasts from 2 to 7 days (depending on how many kilos you want to lose).
Step 2: travel phase
At this stage proteins should be partially replaced by green vegetables.
The choice is on you, eat which vegetables you want and how much you want. But you will definitely get proteins. In this phase, you have to stay on for a long time.
Step 3: The maintenance phase
At this stage, you add to bread, one piece of fruit and cheese in the food menu. Twice a week you can have a festive dinner and get carbohydrates. At this stage it should be as long as possible to help the body tolerate lost kilograms and do not start fast growth.
Step 4: Stable Stabilization
Returns to the normal feeding regime, no restriction in nutrition. The only thing you have to do is return one day per week to the attack phase and eat only proteins - eggs, …
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9 Tips from Victoria's Secret models.

I'm sure you'll be wondering the secret of the beautiful body of Victoria's Secret models. We offer some advice to their fitness instructor, Michael Olafzid.
1. Create your own playlist for more motivation
Adriana Lima is listening to electronic music during her work, and Dowencus Kruus gives her the music of her husband. Some models like hip-hop likes. Select your preferred playlist and follow one of the golden rules: choose the most monotonous last music.
2. Opposite poles are attracted to each other
If you are a very energetic person, learn how to become more calm and yoga more time. If you had practiced yoga so far, now you have moved on to force and quick training. Try to do the exercises that confront your personality.
3. Train at least 6 days a week
It does not matter if you have the intensity or duration of training, the main thing is to practice your daily habit.
Adriana Lima
4. Most part of the training is okay
Cardio exercises help to boost your heart and make blood circulation that is the first secret of a healthy and beautiful body.
5. Go to different circles
Group training helps you to increase motivation. Choose tennis, swimming or dance classes.
6. Hire a personal instructor from time to time
The personal instructor will help you increase your skills and introduce novelty. It will bring you together to meet your needs, opportunities and desirable results.
Doutzen Kroes
7. Make a call to practice
Training with the beloved person is very fun. Even your possibili…
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Performance "Ideal Male"

relationships "
self-care "
success "
Saying that romance is outdated, poetry is not in fashion, the bouquet of blossoms proves tasteless, and the letters are just sentiments. I have been happy for a second time since the morning, which begins with the kisses of Thomas and continues to be cooked by him; Extensive letters that are written in the business trip; The poems that I will read in the street with the evening when we're hand-in-hand; And, of course, white clowns. At the time we are equally and lively in the community. Thoma will delight me. Life is like a fairy tale.
Only Guga can not hide his distrust towards Thomas and expresses loud lamentations: "Lying!"
When my oldest sister is unmoved, this suspicion mocks everyone - somewhere the dog's head is hidden. We are all convinced of Thomas's sincerity.
- No, anonymous?
- Thomas is ideal! - Anano will be in the organizer.
- no, do not you?
- Do not you believe in yourself? - You have to breathe, - hungry, to order something!
Tamo deprives Anano's organizer and hits the menu in her hands.
- Guaga is convinced that Tom hides something.
- Daughter, enjoy the moment. You have the right to a person with a slice of this delicious cake, then what if you are prepared and poisoned with healthier products. Make a honey-omelet for breakfast. Nano, if you do not get the decision in the next 2 minutes ...
- Any sandwich! - Anano is still in his own organizer with nose.
- But I do not want to be deceived.
- what is happening? - Anano…
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About the Queen

When you realize that everything has changed, you are increasingly thinking about how to make the relationship more interesting. You realize that your interest in you is slowly falling down and you think a lot: can you do something wrong? What happened?
When he gets brave, he will tell you everything he is worried about.
When you realize that everything is over, you are just a pawn in his life.
When friends try to convince you that you are extraordinary and find someone who will be worthy of you. Of course, they are your friends, their duty to comfort them with trivial phrases and take you to a noisy place after a working day where you can not even hear your thoughts.
When you feel like I'm in the same way, You are strong and one spoiled relationship can not be defeated.
When you go for fun and you do not like the flirtatious men, you may want some of them to be honest.
When you wake up in the morning and remember that last night you drank too much, try to remember something stupid. No. Peace.
When you decide to stay alone with yourself, look at the blank document of the WORD, the next keyboard and whatever you want to do. You know that no one except you can read it so that you write about how you want to be different than that you are the weakest person in the world and you can not move it. Finally you read and you realize that you said everything. Keep the document carefully and think that everything will be finished when you will read it once and you will realize that eve…
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