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Show me your food!

“Eggs, yogurt, a cup of coffee and orange juice, please”, or “I’m not hungry when I wake up.”
How does your daily breakfast look like? What do you eat for breakfast? Do you prefer a high protein breakfast that can keep you feeling fuller for longer or you always don’t have enough time that’s why you just grab a fistful of cereal or a crappy granola bar on your way out the door? Probably you used to skip breakfast and start to eat during the lunch-time?
Show us your breakfast food and get +50 EXTRA SOCIAL POINTS!
The contestant with the most original recipe will get a Dukascopy T-shirt and a calendar with Miss Dukascopy finalists!
Don’t forget to tag @missdukascopy at your post on Instagram with #missdukascopy_breakfast
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The winner of Miss Dukascopy 2017

Congratulations to the Next Miss Dukascopy!
This Friday in Geneva the guests of Geneva Forex Event during the final voting chose from the Top-10 participants the next Miss Dukascopy 2017!
The winner’s name is Miss June, Galina Mirgaeva.
Galina graduated from the Perm Humanitarian and technical University while continuing her role as a top model. Active fashion and modeling, she has been featured by many major brands. She is sport addicted and always up to travel and explore.
On December Galina will go to Paris and Geneva for a shopping tour. During December Geneva Forex Event she will be crowned and officially presented as Miss Dukascopy 2017Follow us on Instagram @missdukascopy to know all details of the awarding ceremony and prizes for Miss Dukascopy 2017!
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RahmanSL avatar
RahmanSL yesterday at 06:19 GMT

I don't know where to post this:

There seems to have been some kind of nerve attack because quite a numbers of Ms Dukas participants have been smearing lipstick all over their face :p

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Final voting

Final voting for Miss Dukascopy 2017 starts!
Who will get the crown? Now you can affect the final decision!
Vote for your favurite contestant on our page vote.missdukascopy.com
The girl, who will be the first in the online poll, will get also additional 3 votes in the final voting.
Each Community member will have 3 votes per day to distribute among 3 favorite contestants. But you can give only one vote for one contestant.
Vote for contestant can only Dukascopy Community member!On 17th of November, we will know the name of the winner and in December she will be crowned Miss Dukascopy 2017 and go on an amazing trip to Geneva with mind-boggling shopping for more than USD 200,000!!!
The winner will be decided by the guests of Geneva Forex Event in a vote. Please vote!!!
The end of online voting is 16.11.2017 We remind you that Miss November and Miss December are not included in the final voting, but they will get 1000 euro for 1st place
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Miss October will get $3000!

Dear ladies!
We remind you that the contestant, who will get the title Miss October, does not fly to Geneva. Therefore, Miss October get a consolation prize in the amount of $ 3000 to her account in Dukascopy Payments.
Also, Miss October with all the finalists will run to get the crown of Miss Dukascopy 2017 and shopping in Geneva for more than $ 200,000.
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Juliia86 avatar
Juliia86 30 Oct.

Вау! ????????????????????????

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Winner of Cheerleader's Choice

Hello, ladies!
Today is a big day.
Are you interesting who is the winner of “Cheerleader`s Choice” contest?
Of course, you are! It's so exciting!
So the winner is…Go to our contest page to know!
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