Terms and conditions


Terms included in this T&C will have the following meaning

Dukascopy – DUKASCOPY Group companies, including, but not limited to Dukascopy community SA and Dukascopy bank SA. Participant – a person taking part in the Dukascopy Marathon contest.

Dukascopy Marathon is a challenge by Dukascopy Community team to look cool in the summer. Take the challenge to follow HLS for 21 days.

We wait for your daily posts, pictures and video reports with #DukascopyMarathon hashtag. Publications with the tag will appear in a tab with the name "Marathon".

We wish you to reach the finish line and achieve goals. The lucky ones with the best results will get prizes from the Dukascopy Bank SA.

Marathon Contest Rules

  1. Choose a minimum of 21 days to participate in the Marathon during the time period from March the 5th of 2018 to May 31th of 2018.
  2. Lead a daily blog during these 21 days: add photos and do weight measurements (post photos of scales to your blog).
  3. Form your Challenge by choosing 9 (valid only with at least 3 points from each category)
  4. Take a "before" photo (for example photo + paper with the start date) and a photo of the current weight measurement in your first diary entry.
  5. Share your results, tips and physical transformation.
  6. Take the challenge of Dukascopy Community, win and earn!


Only persons aged 18 or over are eligible to apply for a registration in the Contest.

To participate in the contest, you'll need to:

  1. Register in Dukascopy Community.
  2. Do all exercises during 21 days.
  3. Share your successes and achievements.

*Please note that only candidates who have entered true and correct profile information, such as name, e-mail and phone number, will be accepted as contest participants. By accepting these rules, candidates also agree that their contact data might be used to send newsletters and automatically generated notifications from the Community, including but not limited to e-mails and short text messages.

Contest Timeline

The registration is opened from March the 5th of 2018 to May the 31th of 2018. The contest is held from March the 5th of 2018 to May the 31st of 2018.


It is forbidden to insult participants, including threats, rudeness, personal insults, strong language etc., to promote and advertise products. Comments must convey opinions and ideas. Meaningless comments such as “wow”, “good luck”, “)))” and so on will be deleted. Use the Like button instead. Moderators reserve the right to delete comments if they don’t follow the requirements.

Fair Play

  1. Participants acknowledge and agree to take efforts to respect the principles of Fair Play.
  2. Participants must refrain from any dishonest and unfair conduct, even if these activities are not fully described within the framework of the Contest rules.
  3. Such activities include, but are not limited to:
    • Registration of persons that are directly or indirectly related to other Participant;
    • Various team tactics that include consolidation of Participants into a group with a purpose to get a statistical advantage;
    • Spamming in private messages and comments;
    • Any kind of statistics manipulation;
    • Other activities used to get an unfair advantage over other Participants.


50 EUR

The first 30 users who will accept the "challenge" and will do it 21 days* (that means they will publish at least one post per day and will share the results) get 50 EUR from Dukascopy without conditions on trade turnover directly to an account in Dukascopy Payments.*N.B! If a contestant doesn't write anything during 4 days (in total), our system will deactivate his\her challenge automatically.

21,000 Dukats

Dukascopy Bank will give 21,000 Dukats to all participants who will endure the challenge 21 days.

+300 Dukascopy Compliments for Miss Dukascopy participants

Contestants of Miss Dukascopy will get +300 Dukascopy Compliments to the rating of the current month.

5,500 USD

Top-10 most active, responsible and self-motivated marathon participants will share 5,500 USD.

The team of Dukascopy Community will determine the 3 leaders in each category, they will share 450 USD:


Best in Food Category - 50 USD;
Best in Sports Category - 50 USD;
Best in Lifestyle Category - 50 USD.

Prize transfer

Prizes are credited to the Participant's trading sub-account not linked to any Business Introducer in the name of Participant with Dukascopy. If Participant does not have a live account with Dukascopy, then he/she should proceed with the live account opening procedure in a regular way. If Participant does not comply with Live account opening requirements, Dukascopy reserves the right to cancel the cash prize.

If a Participant already has a Live account, but has not yet any open sub-accounts, Dukascopy opens a sub-account in the Participant’s reference currency and credits the prize(s) on this sub-account. By default, Dukascopy converts the prize(s) into the currency of the sub-account on which the prize(s) shall be credited in line with the present rules. Such conversion is subject to fees as per the fee schedule posted on Dukascopy website.

LIVE accounts which are credited with prize money are considered LIVE Prize accounts. LIVE Prize accounts can be credited only with cash prize money. Clients are not allowed crediting their own funds on this type of account.

Participants are allowed to withdraw funds in full only when there are no blocked prizes on the account. Profit can only be withdrawn when there are no blocked prizes on the account.

If there are both blocked and unblocked prizes:

  • participants are only allowed to withdraw the sum of unblocked prizes;
  • only the positive difference between equity and sum of blocked funds can be withdrawn;
  • the sum of withdrawn funds can't exceed the sum of unblocked funds.

The required turnover constitutes 2,500,000 USD for every 100 USD won.

Other Rules and Policies

By uploading any information on the website, including, but not limited to photos, pictures, images, texts, videos, music, phonograms (hereinafter together called - User Content) Participant grants to Dukascopy a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, fully sublicensable license to use, reproduce, archive, edit, translate, create derivative works of, make available, distribute, sell, display, perform, transmit, broadcast, and in any other way known now or developed in future to exploit those Users Content, and any names, voices, likeliness and other identifying information of person that is part of those user content in any form, media, software, or technology of any kind now known or developed in future, including without limitation, for developing, manufacturing, and marketing products, including, but not limited for commercial purpose. You hereby waive any moral rights.

By uploading any User Content Participant guarantees that all User Content is original and Participant owns all Intellectual Property rights and guarantees that Dukascopy usage of those does not violate any Intellectual Property rights of third parties, and agrees to indemnify the harm, which can be caused as a result of this usage to third parties.

By uploading any User Content, Participant waive rights to prohibit, limit or manage in any way or by any means any usage of User Content by Dukascopy.

Winners must provide Dukascopy with documents confirming identity of the participant. In case the participant refuses, Dukascopy has the right to withhold the prize and award it to the next best participant.

Dukascopy reserves the right to disqualify a participant without explanation, to change the contest rules, requirements, and awards, without prior notice and at any time and at its sole discretion.

Please check these T&C in order to follow their requirements as it is your responsibility to comply with these rules and requirements.

We expect participants to be reasonable with what they post. The code of conduct shall not be violated. Please avoid the following topics in the Dukascopy Community:

  • Pornography or sexually explicit content
  • Racism or sexual discrimination
  • Hate speeches
  • Shocking and disgusting content
  • Unlawful acts
  • Infringements of intellectual property
  • Harassment
  • Threats
  • Violation of privacy

Note that Dukascopy does not take any responsibility whatsoever for participants violating intellectual property laws. The contestants that do not respect copyright might be banned from the Dukascopy Community forever.

Applicable law and dispute resolution

These T&C are governed by substantive law of Switzerland. With respect to any dispute arising out of or in connection with these T&C each party hereby irrevocably and unconditionally submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the Canton of Geneva, except in case of appeal to the Swiss Federal Court. These T&C are drawn up in English in the event of any conflict between translated version and the English version, the English version shall prevail.

Please let us know in case you have any questions.