We all want to save time by analyzing less time as it will
give us more time for other works.  when we follow one pair, many a times we miss a lot of opportunities in other currency movements unless we have multiple monitors. In this article I explain how one can analyze one
pair but trade 4 pairs based on the analysis.

An analysis of last one month's movement suggests that there is an orchestrated movement in a few pairs viz.


Before moving ahead, let’s brush up the basics of currency
valuation. As we know, cross currencies DO NOT have independent valuations and
USD is the big boss of currencies. When we buy EUR/CHF, we buy the EUR/USD
and sell the USD/CHF which gives us the figure of the valuation of EUR/CHF. To
elaborate it, let’s calculate the value of EUR/CHF. Currently the bid of
EUR/USD is 1.29158 and USD/CHF is 0.93013 and the value of the EUR/CHF is
derived by multiplying the EUR/USD and USD/CHF ie. 1.29158*0.93013 and ask of
EUR/CHF is 1.2013.

Wondering how this information will help us trade multiple
pairs at a time? Here are simple steps.

The stone in our hand is the EUR/USD and is also the First
This is the pair which you will analyze. 

The second bird is the USD/CHF:

Once you decide the trend in EUR/USD, the immediate pair to be traded is the USD/CHF. We know SNB has fixed the minimum value of the swissy is
at 1.2 of EUR/USD. As long as EUR/CHF is above 1.2, we will see the
orchestrated movement in these pairs. So, If as per your analysis, your trade
in EUR/USD is to long, simply short USD/CHF.

Let’s see it with chart example.

We will go the reverse way of the procedure as explained in
how currency valuation is done.



As we can see EUR/CHF is stuck in a tight 10-15 pips movement
for over 2 months. If a cross pair is in a side way, it means that the major
pairs are moving in opposite direction. So, When the EUR/USD gains, USD/CHF
loses. Let’s see what happened in those pairs

While EUR/USD is in a down trend, we are seeing the USD/CHF
in an up trend.

Now, we can comfortably use the analysis of EUR/USD and
place trade in USD/CHF. Since EUR/CHF is in a side ways with 10 pips movement,
we would not trade that pair for the time being.

It is the time for 3rd and 4th
. i.e USD/JPY and EUR/JPY

While trading the previous is pretty easy, this needs some
caution in trading. While EUR/USD is getting weakened due to problematic Euro
zone countries, we are seeing JPY taking the lead as the safe investment in
currency market and yen tends to gain when ever there is a fall in EUR. So,
when we see EUR losing and JPY gaining, the move in the aforesaid pair will get
the boosted and move faster than the major pair.


The best way to trade USD/JPY is to short if the EUR/USD is
expected to weaken. And long the USD/JPY if the EUR/USD is strong, since we are
seeing direct correlation between USD/JPY and EUR/USD.

When one pair is weak and the other is strong, the first
pair moves pretty faster.
Hence, in our example, we can trade the EUR/JPY in
the same direction of the EUR/USD. For instance, if a trader shorts EUR/USD, he
can also short EUR/JPY.

Conclusion: If the analysis of EUR/USD, the position in USD/CHF  should be the reverse of EUR trade and EUR/JPY and USD/JPY should be same as EUR/USD. So, to put it in a nut shell, If as per the analysis
EUR/USD is to long, then short USD/CHF and USD/JPY long USD/JPY and EUR/JPY. 


Money Management: Money management is the technique of
controlling loss and maximizing the profit in trades and when we decide to
trade the aforesaid pairs, We should use the same leverage for EUR/USD and
USD/CHF. But the movement in the USD/JPY is a little lower compared to other
pairs so, the leverage may be a little more in the pair and movement of pips in
EUR/JPY is high and it’s advised to use about 50% of the leverage used for
other pairs.

DISCLAIMER: While this strategy can give you hundreds of pips,
If it boomerangs the birds may turn out to be hundreds of stones if the
trades are on wrong side and can blow up entire fund in a very short time. A
great level of accuracy/judgment is  highly
required for this strategy.