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Prizes of total 23 000$ ** are distributed among 10 winners every month:

1st place  BROADCAST* 7000$
2nd-3rd places  BROADCAST* 5000$
4th-6th place 3000$
7th-10th places 1500$
* Appearance on Dukascopy Community TV
** Please note that if the number of active Participants does not reach 100, the total prize pool will be calculated of the basis of proportion - "n/100", however the prize fund cannot be less as 25% of the default USD 15 000. That is, if there are 50 active participants, the prizes to be paid will amount to 50% of USD 15 000. Please see Awarding Rules for details

In order to be eligible for the prize account opening procedure top-3 position winners are required to take part in one broadcast of Dukascopy Community TV. Broadcasts are open-format and users have the opportunity of presenting the trading strategies and principles that lead them to success in the particular contest, taking part in the discussion of one of the open discussion of the Live TV or suggesting another topic of their interest related to Forex/Economics/Trading psychology etc.

The broadcast is to be carried within one calendar month after the end of the contest month. Dukascopy representatives will be in contact with every of the winners to appoint a commonly convenient time for the broadcast.

The only device one needs to take part in the web-broadcast is a microphone and a web-cam. Broadcasts are held in English. Cases when the prize winner does not master English at a sufficient level will be solved on an individual basis: either by outsourcing an interpreter or via other individual solutions.

Monetary prizes are awarded to the 10 leading participants after the announcement of the Dukascopy expert evaluation and the summarizing of the results. All prizes are presented in form of a Live account with Dukascopy. Winners may withdraw cash prize amounts from their accounts only after meeting the turnover requirements.

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