Trading forex is fun and even rewarding but at the same time its very high risking game. As every body knows that where there is high chances of winning huge profits at the same time, huge losses could not be ignored.
Now lets come to the point. Here is the must known tips that should be kept in mind before starting trading.
1- A Good Strategy
The first and the foremost tip is having a good strategy to start. Without good strategy, you are simply throwing your money and wasting your time. Some time yo will win and some time you will loss but you have to stick with your strategy because every time forex market conditions could not be same and you will not be in profit all time. So dont worry about some losses just stick to the good strategy.
2- Know what you want to do before sitting on trading table.
You should be well aware that what you want to do. I mean what would be your profit target for the day and what s your loss ratio. Without any plan,you will start to loss even if you are in huge profit for the day. Dont just trade and trade and trade. Take your profit or bear your loss for the day and left the trading table. Be prepare for your self.
3- Trading is not 24-Hours Game
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