Dukascopy has helped many of us to become a stable and efficient trader , let it be by it's rules based trader's contest or analytical contest like fundamental. Initially some may feel rules are slightly strict but later I am sure they do realise that they are focused on cultivating good trading habits and avoiding common mistakes Forex traders do in live market.
It's almost five years now since Iam associated with this thrilling community and with this article I wish to show my gratitude to all my fellow traders and entire Dukascopy team for this beautiful journey. Being a community member I have always desired that Dukascopy expands even further and gain heights, so couple of thoughts just erupted in my mind which I would like to share with you all.

1) Dukascopy Forex Institute
There are very few forex education institutes available in the market and majority of them are unreliable and not trustworthy . Yes, there are several articles,books,teachings published on forex but as there are many it becomes difficult to rely on any particular one , also confusing . Many of the traders don't even know the significance of the indicators they use in trading but they simply apply becaus…
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