For any new venture to get in, be it a company launching
or forex trading , preparation is a critical factor. People who plunge into
forex trading without sufficient knowledge of the working conditions of the
market too often end up losing money. It is always never late to learn things
which you are supposed to know before putting your hands into it. For the best
approach in forex trading, build your knowledge first and acquaint yourself
with the quality information next. Time spent on learning the basics is never wasted.
Never invest money which you cannot afford to lose. You
should be well aware of the fact that trading
& investments are subject to market conditions and your trading may
well be a source of worry to you in adverse conditions. Identify your risk-profile and then invest. 
As a beginner, do not have unrealistic expectations about
the returns in forex trading. Newcomers often mistake the art of forex trading
to the wagering of money in gambling. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme where
you can turn a millionaire overnight. Just as one enters the trade, he should
be clear about the take profit & stop loss levels.
Try to exercise patience and trade within your limit.
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