The title of this article has to do something with a chain of conversations/events that I had with my friend, who is a mechanical engineer by profession. He asked me “Is there any way I can trade forex market and make some gains without compromising with my day job?”
I told “absolutely”.
Then he had usual round of questions of “what”, “how”,” when”and so on. Then I explained him how one could trade daily chart and make substantial gains without causing any damage to the routines.
The objective of this article is
1. To inspire each and every one who wants to trade the market without causing any harm to their routine job/business or profession by trading the daily charts.
2 To bring more awareness and a rational approach among those who are less informed about the forex markets and who think trading is only for full fledged traders.
3. To explain how daily charts give an instant edge to every trader irrespective of where he is positioned in the trading arena.
When we talk of time frame, it is essential to know the rationale behind the time frame.

The pr
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